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Warthog at Diergaarde Blijdorp, Rotterdam (Holland)

The Common Warthog or Warthog is a wild member of the pig family (Suidae) found in grassland, savanna, and woodland in sub-Saharan Africa.
The common name comes from the four large, wart-like protrusions found on the head of the warthog, which serve as a fat reserve and are used for defense when males fight. The generic name is a compound of 'phaco-' and 'choerus' meaning 'wart' and 'hog'. Afrikaans-speaking people call the animal "Vlakvark", meaning "pig of the plains". A Warthog is identifiable by the two pairs of tusks protruding from the mouth and curving upwards. The lower pair, which is far shorter than the upper pair, becomes razor sharp by rubbing against the upper pair every time the mouth is opened and closed. The tusks are used for digging, for combat with other hogs, and in defense against predators – the lower set can inflict severe wounds.
The head of the Common Warthog is large, with a mane down the spine to the middle of the back. Sparse hair covers the body. Its colour is usually black or brown. Tails are long and end with a tuft of hair. Common Warthogs do not have subcutaneous fat and the coat is sparse,
making them susceptible to extreme environmental temperatures.
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