20010804-09 Inside Dye Mill De Kat (The Cat) at Zaanse Schans (Holland).jpg #243 Dye Mill "De Kat" (The Cat) at Zaanse Schans (Holland)Thumbnails#241 The Beautiful Flat Dutch Countryside (Holland)
The product of this windmill is colour - or rather, dyestuff! From 1600 onwards tropical dye woods were imported on large scale in order to dye fabrics. Just before 1700 the windmills were also put to use to process mineral dyes, chalk and abrasives. The pieces were cut into chips by choppers in a big vat. The chips were then pulverized by edge runner stones weighing 5000 to 7000 kg and later sifted in a rotating drum. Painters made paint by rubbing the dye powders into a medium such as linseed oil.
Matthijs van Wageningen
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