20010804-07 Oil Mill De Zoeker (The Seeker) at Zaanse Schans (Holland).jpg #241 The Beautiful Flat Dutch Countryside (Holland)Thumbnails#238 Dye Mill "De Kat" (The Cat) at Zaanse Schans (Holland)
De Zoeker (The Seeker) was built in 1672 and spent much of its working life as an oil mill before being converted in 1891 into a dye mill.
The oil works were re-installed 10 years later to process vegetable oil from different kinds of oil seed such as linseed and rapeseed.
In the early 1950’s the Zaandijk municipality guaranteed the future of "De Zoeker" by buying the mill. And by 1958 "De Zoeker" was
again doing what it had done for three centuries, operating as an oil mill.
Matthijs van Wageningen
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