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#2361 Cracker Butterfly - Artis Royal Zoo Amsterdam (Holland)

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Cracker Butterfly at the Artis Royal Zoo (also known as Natura Artis Magistra), Amsterdam (Holland)

Cracker butterflies are a neotropical group of medium-sized brush-footed butterfly species of the genus Hamadryas.
They acquired their common name due to the unusual way that males produce a "cracking" sound as part of their territorial displays.
Cracker butterflies are all are fairly cryptic in their dorsal colouration, commonly covered in varying coloured spots, mostly of which resemble bark; some are known to have little colouration, such as the Grey Cracker. This genus of butterflies are commonly found throughout
South America to Arizona, where at least nine species can be found in Costa Rica.

The Butterfly Pavilion is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands, covering a thousand square meters and housing thousands of butterflies.
Twice a day, butterflies that have just crawled out of their cocoons are released into the pavilion.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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