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#2271 Green-crested Basilisk - Artis Royal Zoo Amsterdam (Holland)

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Green-crested Basilisk or Plumed Basilisk at the Artis Royal Zoo (also known as Natura Artis Magistra), Amsterdam (Holland)

The Plumed Basilisk, Basiliscus plumifrons (also called a Green-crested Basilisk, Double Crested Basilisk, or Jesus Christ Lizard)
is a species of corytophanid native to Central America. This lizard is able to run short distances across water using both its feet and tail for support, an ability shared with other basilisks and the Malaysian sail-finned lizard, Hydrosaurus amboinensis. In Costa Rica, this has earned the
Plumed Basilisk the nickname "Jesus Christ Lizard". It is also an excellent swimmer and can stay under water for up to 30 minutes.

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