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#2131 Lechfall (Lech Waterfall) - Füssen (Germany)

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The Lechfall (Lech Waterfall), built in the 18th century, is about 12 metre (39 ft) high and is located at the southern outskirts of Füssen.
Here the water of the river Lech plunges down thunderous and enters the narrow Lech gorge (Lechschlucht),
which the Lech has been cut into the rocks over thousands of years.

You have a great view on the waterfall, and also the river and gorge, from the König Max Steg, a footbridge over the Lech River.

The Lech is a river in Austria and Germany. It is a right tributary of the Danube 264 kilometres (164 mi) in length with a drainage basin of
6.600 square kilometres (2.550 sq mi). Its source is located in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, where the river rises from lake Formarinsee
in the Alps at an altitude of 1870 metres (6.120 ft). It flows in a north-north-easterly direction and crosses the German border, forming the Lechfall, a 12 metre (39 ft) high waterfall; afterwards the river enters a narrow gorge (Lechschlucht). Leaving the Alps, it enters the plains of the Allgäu at Füssen at an elevation of 790 metres (2.580 ft) in the German state of Bavaria, where it formerly was the location of the boundary with Swabia.
The river runs through the city of Füssen and through the Forggensee, a man-made lake which is drained in winter. The river flows further northwards through a region called the Lechrain, and passes the cities of Schongau, Landsberg, Augsburg (where it receives the Wertach River)
and Rain before entering the Danube River just below Donauwörth at an elevation of 410 metres (1330 ft).

Matthijs van Wageningen
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