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#2125 Altstadt (Historical Old Town) - Füssen (Germany)

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The Altstadt (Historical Old Town) of Füssen (Germany), with the Hans Kottermair house and the Tiefenbrucker-Brunnen (fountain).
Seen from the Brotmarkt (Bread Market Square) at the city centre.

The bronze statue of Kaspar Tiefenbrucker (also know as Caspar or Gasparo Duiffopruggar) was made by the German artist and sculptor
Joseph Michael Neustifter. Revealed in March 1990, the fountain is a reminder to the great tradition of lute and violin making in Füssen.
Proudly the instrument maker shows his lute towards the viewer.

Kaspar Tiefenbrucker (1514-1571) is considered as one of the most important lute and violin maker of his time.
He worked in Füssen (Germany), Lyon (France), Bologna (Italy) and Roßhaupten (Germany).

Matthijs van Wageningen
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