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#2039 Grob Aerospace - Grob G-180 SPn Utility Jet (D-CSPN)

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Grob G-180 SPn Utility Jet (D-CSPN) from Grob Aerospace at the ILA 2006, Berlin-Schönefeld (Germany)
(Internationale Luftfahrt-Ausstellung, ILA or International Aviation Exhibition - also known as Berlin Air Show)

The Grob G-180 SPn is a low-wing twin-engined corporate jet projected by Grob Aerospace (now Grob Aircraft). It is designed to land on both paved surfaces and unimproved runway capability (grass and gravel surfaces), and is classed as "commuter class" under EASA CS 23 and FAA Part 23 regulations. The Grob G180 SPn, six-passenger jet, first flew in 2005. The second prototype crashed shortly after takeoff on 29 November 2006 near the production plant in Germany. On 18 August 2008, Grob Aerospace filed for insolvency, as it was unable to find any investors for its SPn jet project. In January 2009 H3 Aerospace bought the aircraft and support business of Grob Aerospace and renamed it Grob Aircraft.
The aircraft production, which had been halted in November 2008, was restarted in February 2009. So far only 4 aircraft had been built.

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