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#1833 Michaelertrakt (St. Michael's Wing) at Hofburg - Vienna (Austria)

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The domed Michaelertrakt (St. Michael's Wing, named after the church it faces) is one of the most exuberant wings of the imperial palace.
It was originally designed in the 1720s by Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach, but the project stalled and it wouldn't be until 1888, when the old Burgtheater (Imperial Theatre) was demolished, that construction really started. Austrian architect Ferdinand Kirschner followed von Erlach's original Baroque design and completed the wing in 1893. At the center of the wing is a monumental gate, the Michaelertor (St. Michael's Gate).
Along the sides of the three entrances are colossal statues of Hercules. At either end of the Michaelertrakt are large wall fountains with
sculpture groups. The fountain on the right, the "Die Macht zu Lande" (Mastery of the Land), was designed in 1897 by Edmund Hellmer
and symbolizes the Austrian army. The fountain on the left is known as the "Die Macht zur See" (Mastery of the Sea).
It was sculpted in 1895 by Rudolf Weyr and symbolizes the Austrian naval power.