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#1793 Diesel Railcar (BR 772 342-2) - Leipzig Hbf (Germany)

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Diesel Railcar (BR 772 342-2) at Leipzig Hbf (Germany)

The Deutsche Reichsbahn (DRG, also known as the German Reich Railway or the German Imperial Railway) Verbrennungstriebwagen (VT) 2.09
(Class VT 2.09) and from 1970 called Baureihe (BR) 171/172 (Classes BR 171/172) are diesel railcars developed and produced by Waggonbau Bautzen (Rolling Stock manufacturer Bautzen). Following the acquisition of the vehicles by the Deutsche Bahn (DB - German Railway Company) they were referred to as Baureihe (BR) 771/772 (Classes BR 771/772). It was nicknamed the "Ferkeltaxe" (Piglet Taxi) because it carried just about everything on rural routes and "Blutblase" (Blood Blister) because of its originally dark red colour and the distinctive shape of the front.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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Monday 11 July 2005
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