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#1639 Nord N-2501F-3 Noratlas (F-AZVM / 62-SI)

20050618-112 Private - Nord N-2501F-3 Noratlas (F-AZVM 62-SI) Le Bourget FR.jpg #1640 Nord N-2501F-3 Noratlas (F-AZVM / 62-SI)Thumbnails

Nord N-2501F-3 Noratlas (F-AZVM / 62-SI) in French Air Force livery at the 46th International Paris Air Show (SIAE) 2005, Le Bourget (France)
This Noratlas is operated by the French association "Le Noratlas de Provence"

The Nord Noratlas was a 1950s French military transport aircraft intended to replace the older types in service at the end of World War II.
Several hundred were produced in a run lasting over a decade, finding a wide variety of uses.
It is believed that this Noratlas (F-AZVM) is the only aircraft which is still airworthy.

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