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#1555 ETI 2000 - Agusta A-119 Koala (I-JJNS / H330)

20050618-037 ETI 2000 - Agusta A-119 Koala (I-JJNS H330) Le Bourget FR.jpg Thumbnails

Agusta A-119 Koala (I-JJNS / H330) from ETI 2000 at the 46th International Paris Air Show (SIAE) 2005, Le Bourget (France)

The AgustaWestland AW119 Koala is an eight-seat utility helicopter powered by a single turboshaft engine produced for the civil market.
Introduced as the Agusta A-119 Koala prior to the Agusta-Westland merger, it is targeted at operators favoring lower running costs
of a single-engine aircraft over redundancy of a twin.

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