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#1498 Fiakers at St. Stephen's Cathedral - Vienna (Austria)

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Some Fiakers (two-horse carriages) waiting for tourists at the side of the Stephansdom (St. Stephen's Cathedral) in Vienna, Austria.

Having once been the primary mean of daily passenger transportation in the city, the Viennese Fiaker horse carriages are associated to Vienna
as closely as St. Stephen's Cathedral or the Giant Ferries Wheel. These vehicles are nowadays mostly used for tourist excursions around the old city and for special occasions such as weddings (then featuring beautiful flower decoration). The Fiaker has been around in Vienna since 1700ad.
The word Fiaker originates from the French "Rue de Saint Fiacre" in Paris, where this kind of "short-term rental carriage" was first introduced.
As the city quickly expanded under Habsburgs rule, so did the need for transportation: about 700 of these carriages existed by 1800ad,
and by 1900ad the number had risen to approx. 1000 - just to drop sharply after the First World War. As of today there are approx. 100 Fiakers, mainly for tourist excursions around the old city.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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