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#1487 Burgtheater (Imperial Court Theatre) Electric Lighting - Vienna (Austria)

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The Burgtheater (Imperial Court Theatre) was the first monumental building to have electric lighting.

The Burgtheater (Imperial Court Theatre), originally known as "K.K. Theater an der Burg", then until 1918 as the "K.K. Hofburgtheater", is the Austrian National Theatre in Vienna and one of the most important German language theatres in the world. The Burgtheater was created in 1741 and has become known as "die Burg" by the Viennese population; its theatre company of more or less regular members has created a traditional style and speech typical of Burgtheater performances. On 12 March 1945 the Burgtheater was largely destroyed in a bombing raid and one month later on 12 April 1945 it was further damaged by a fire of unknown origin. After the war, the theatre was restored between 1953 and 1955.
The classic Burgtheater style and the Burgtheater-German language were trend-setting for German language theatres.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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