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#1438 View from Donauturn (Danube Tower) - Vienna (Austria)

20050703-050 View from Donauturn (Danube Tower) - Vienna (Austria).jpg Thumbnails#1437 View from Donauturn (Danube Tower) - Vienna (Austria)

View from Donauturn (Danube Tower) to the Reichsbrücke (Empire Bridge) and the Donauinsel (Danube Island).

The Reichsbrücke (Empire Bridge) is Vienna's most famous bridge, linking Mexicoplatz in Leopoldstadt with the Donauinsel in Donaustadt on the other side of the Danube. It lies on an important axis leading from the city centre at Stephansplatz, through Praterstern, and on to Kagran in the north-east. The bridge carries six lanes of traffic, used by 50.000 vehicles daily, U-Bahn tracks, two footpaths, two cyclepaths and two utility tunnels. On the photo above you can also see the "Ponte Cagrana", a pontoon bridge over the New Danube in the 22st district of Vienna Donaustadt.
The Ponte Cagrana was opened in 2000, replacing the previous floating bridge.

Construction of the "Donauinsel" (Danube Island) as a flood protection was started in the early 1970s. Excavation material was dumped between the New Danube and the existing river bed to create 21 kilometres of artificial island - the Danube Island. The island was subsequently turned into a leisure time and recreational area. 170 hectares of new wood plus an additional 1.8 million trees and bushes were planted between 1974 and 1988. The island is divided into three parts, natural areas in the north and south and a city-park like area in the centre.

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