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#1430 M109 155mm Howitzer (HGM) - Vienna (Austria)

20050702-042 M109 155mm Howitzer (HGM) - Vienna (Austria).jpg #1431 M109 155mm Howitzer (HGM) - Vienna (Austria)Thumbnails#1425 FV4101 Charioteer Tank Destroyer (HGM) - Vienna (Austria)

The M109 is an American 155mm self-propelled howitzer, first introduced in the early 1960s. It was upgraded a number of times to today's
M109A6 Paladin. The M109 family is the most common Western indirect-fire support weapon of maneuver brigades of armored and mechanized infantry divisions. The M109 has a crew of six: the section chief, the driver, the gunner, the assistant gunner and two ammunition handlers. The gunner aims the cannon left or right (deflection), the assistant gunner aims the cannon up and down (quadrant). The M109A6 Paladin needs only a crew of four: the commander, driver, gunner and ammunition loader. Early variants had a short, 23-caliber barrel (length = 23x 155mm), as seen in the photo above. Later versions, including the M109A6 Paladin, have a 39-caliber barrel (length = 39x 155mm).

The Heeresgeschichtliches Museum (HGM) is a military history museum located in Vienna, Austria. It claims to be the oldest and largest purpose-built military history museum in the world. Its collection includes one of the world's largest collections of bronze cannons and focuses on Austrian military history from the 16th century to 1945. The museum is located in Vienna's Arsenal, in the Landstraße district, not far from the Belvedere palace.

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