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#1395 Burgtor or Heldentor (Heroes' Gate) - Vienna (Austria)

20050630-008 Burgtor or Heldentor (Heroes Gate) - Vienna (Austria).jpg #1396 Burgtor or Heldentor (Heroes' Gate) - Vienna (Austria)Thumbnails#1393 Fiakers at Heldenplatz (Heroes' Square) - Vienna (Austria)

Äußeres Burgtor (Outer Castle Gate) or better known as "Heldentor" (Heroes' Gate) is the main entrance gate to the Heldenplatz (Heroes' Square) completed in 1824 by Peter Nobile. The gate consist of five giant wooden doors and on the both facades of it, there are scripts written on the top. On the Ringstraße (Ring Road) side it notes, "FRANCISCUS I. IMPERATOR AUSTRIA MDCCCXXIV" which means “Francis I, Emperor of Austria, 1824” and on the Heldenplaz side "IUSTITIA REGNORUM FUNDAMENTUM" (Justice is the foundation of the rule) which is the motto of Emperor Franz I of Austria. Inside the gate, there are monuments dedicated to the victims of the two World Wars and those who lost their lives in fight for freedom in Austria. Additionally the epigram "LAVRVM MILITIBVS LAVRO DIGNIS MDCCCCXVI" (Bay laurel worthy of the soldiers 1916) was put up.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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