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#1364 Polish Tall Ship ORP "Iskra" (Sail Amsterdam 2010)

20100819-36 Polish Tall Ship ORP Iskra (Sail Amsterdam) NL.jpg #1365 Polish Tall Ship ORP "Iskra" (Sail Amsterdam 2010)Thumbnails#1362 Bulgarian Tall Ship STV "Kaliakra" (Sail Amsterdam 2010)

Polish Tall Ship ORP "Iskra" from the Polish Navy at the Sail In parade
from IJmuiden to Amsterdam (North Sea Canal), Sail Amsterdam 2010 (Holland)

The ORP "Iskra" (meaning Spark) is a three-masted barquentine and is one of a few Polish Navy training ships.
The Main purpose of the ship is to train cadets from Polish Naval Academy during their practices. The ship was built in 1981
at the Gdańsk Shipyard and designed by Polish naval architect Zygmunt Choreń. Iskra has a different rig on each of her three masts.
She is a sister ship to STS "Pogoria" (Poland) and STV "Kaliakra" (Bulgaria) also built in Gdańsk.

The traditional ship prefix in the Polish Navy is ORP (Okręt Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej) meaning "Ship of the Republic of Poland".