20100819-11 Indonesian Navy Tall Ship KRI Dewaruci (Sail Amsterdam) NL.jpg #1338 Indonesian Tall Ship KRI "Dewaruci" (Sail Amsterdam 2010)Thumbnails#1336 Indonesian Tall Ship KRI "Dewaruci" (Sail Amsterdam 2010)
Indonesian Tall Ship KRI "Dewaruci" from the Indonesian Navy
at the Sail In parade from IJmuiden to Amsterdam (North Sea Canal), Sail Amsterdam 2010 (Holland)

The KRI "Dewaruci" is a Class A tall ship and the only barquentine (schooner barque) owned and operated by the Indonesian Navy.
Built in Germany by H. C. Stülcken Sohn at Steinwerder, Hamburg. Construction on the Dewaruci began in 1932, but was suspended due to the outbreak of World War II, which caused heavy damage to the shipyard where she was being constructed. She was launched on 24 January 1953 and completed on 9 July that year. Since then, she has been based at Surabaya on the Java Sea. Her name and figurehead represent and display the mythological Javanese wayang god of truth and courage. This ship is the largest tall ship in the Indonesian fleet operated by the Indonesian Navy and used as a sail training ship for naval cadets and serves as a goodwill ambassador for the country of Indonesia to the rest of the world. The ship also holds a mission to promote Indonesian tourism through the "Wonderful Indonesia" brand.

All the Indonesian Navy Vessels are named with the KRI Initial.
KRI (Kapal Perang Republik Indonesia) means Navy Vessel of the Republic of Indonesia.
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