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#1204 Ankole-Watusi (Artis Zoo - Amsterdam)

20140730-005 Ankole-Watusi (Artis Zoo - Amsterdam) NL.jpg Thumbnails#1203 Ankole-Watusi (Artis Zoo - Amsterdam)

Ankole-Watusi at the Artis Royal Zoo, Amsterdam (Holland)

The Ankole-Watusi, also known as Ankole longhorn, is a breed of cattle originally native to Africa. Its large, distinctive horns, that can reach up to
2,4 metre (8 feet) from tip to tip, are used for defense and cooling by blood vessels arranged in a honeycomb pattern. Living in the savannas and open grasslands, their diet consists of grass and leaves. The animal is sometimes known as Ankole or Watusi, and is a breed of Sanga cattle.

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