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#1192 Belgian Land Component - Dingo 2 MPPV (71757)

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Dingo 2 MPPV or Multi-Purpose Protected Vehicle (71757) from the Belgian Land Component
at the Belgian Air Force Days 2014, Kleine-Brogel (Belgium)

The Dingo APV (All Protected Vehicle) was designed to provide a safe and secure multi-purpose vehicle for military and peacekeeping operations.
The Dingo 2 is an air transportable, armored mine-proof vehicle, based on a commercial Unimog U1550L chassis produced by DaimlerChrysler, designed for high mobility in any type of terrain. The vehicle is fitted with an armored cage protecting the passengers, engine compartment,
fuel tank and cargo bay. The modular, repairable armor provides all-round protection against all types of hand-held weapons, as well as artillery fragments up to 155mm. In addition, the Dingo is fitted with an oblique "blast deflector" floor, providing crew protection against heavy
Anti-Tank (AT), EFP (Explosive Formed Penetration) mines and Anti-Personnel (AP) mines. It is designed to travel at speeds of up to 100 km/h
(62 mph), has a range of 1000 km (621 miles), is air transportable by C-130 and C-160 aircraft and can be airlifted by CH47/CH53 helicopters.
The Dingo 2 can be fitted with an overhead weapon station, and has an integral collective NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) protection
and air-conditioning system. Other integral systems include GPS navigation, rear-view camera, ABS,
as well as radio and internal communications systems.

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