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The Alte Handelsbörse (Old Stock Exchange), the oldest meeting-place of the Leipzig merchants, is a beautiful Baroque edifice. In 1678 thirty businessman made a petition to the council, ans so in the same year a start was made constructing the building designed by Johann Georg Starcke, which was not completed until 1687. Basically it is a two-storey pavilion, whose entire upper floor is taken up by the exchange hall, where bill business and financial transactions took place. The Alte Handelsbörse served as a trading exchange for the Leipzig merchants, a place where they could meet to discuss trade, hold auctions and exchange contracts in a neutral space. It carried on as a trading exchange until 1886 when a new stock exchange was built. The Alte Handelsbörse then became the meeting hall for the Leipzig town council. Although the Alte Handelsbörse was destroyed during the Second World War, it was totally reconstructed and finally completed in 1962.
These days the building is used for small events, lectures and concerts.
Matthijs van Wageningen
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