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View from City-Hochhaus (UNI) to Leipzig Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station)

Leipzig Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) is, at 83.460 square metre, the world's largest railway station measured by floor area. It has 24 platforms housed in six iron train sheds, a multi-level concourse with towering stone arches, and a 293 metre (961 ft) long façade. The station was opened in 1915 as a joint terminal for Royal Saxon State Railways and Prussian state railways. The building has two identical domed entrance halls facing the street, one for each company. The building was damaged by bombing during World War II when the roof over the concourse collapsed and one of the entrance halls was destroyed. The station was restored to its original appearance by the German Empire Railway Company of East Germany in the 1950s. After German reunification the station was renovated and modernized by the German Railway. The concourse floor was removed and two basement levels were dug out to create a shopping mall. Other areas of the building were largely restored and modernized at the time.
Train services are operated by Deutsche Bahn (German Railway), Erfurter Bahn (Erfurt Railway Company)
and Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn (Central German Regional Railway).
Matthijs van Wageningen
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