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#5879 Lufthansa - Airbus A320-211 (D-AIPA / MSN 0069)

20190528-091 Lufthansa - Airbus A320-211 (D-AIPA MSN 0069) Hamburg-Finkenwerder DE.jpg #5880 Postcard NL-4479876 sent to GermanyThumbnails#5878 Lufthansa - Airbus A320-211 (D-AIPA / MSN 0069)

Airbus A320-211 (D-AIPA / MSN 0069) from Lufthansa doing a low-pass at Hamburg-Finkenwerder Airport (Airbus' Hamburg facility, Germany)

This Airbus A320-211, with registration D-AIPA and Manufacturer's Serial Number 0069, passed its entire service years with the German airline operator and made a special farewell flight over the Airbus factory in Hamburg. Lufthansa was one of the first customers for the Airbus A320 and received the first copy (D-AIPA) on 16 October 1989. The aircraft was deployed on European routes since then and achieved a remarkable milestone with 85.000 flight hours. With a low pass over the Airbus's Hamburg factory, where it was once built, the first Airbus A320 of Lufthansa marked the end of its career. The aircraft will be sent to Sofia in Bulgaria, where it will be demolished by Lufthansa Technik. Lufthansa is one of the largest operators of the Airbus's A320 family jets. The current fleet includes more than 180 A319, A320, A321, A320neo, and A321neo jets.

Up to April 2019, the A320 family has delivered almost 8800 aircraft. Also, the serial number tells a story of production capabilities.
The first A320 of the production series (MSN 0001) was delivered in February 1987 and the 69th (MSN 0069) in October 1989.
It took Airbus more than two years to build and deliver those aircraft. Today, the production rate of the A320 is near to 56 per month,
and the idea is to ramp up that number to 63 A320s built every 30 days.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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Tuesday 28 May 2019
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