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#5783 German Air Force - Airbus A400M Atlas (54+28)

20190720-009 German Air Force - Airbus A400M Atlas (5428) RAF Fairford UK.jpg #5784 Royal Air Force - Raytheon Sentinel R1 (ZJ694)Thumbnails#5782 German Air Force - Airbus A400M Atlas (54+28)

Airbus A400M Atlas (54+28) from the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) at the RIAT 2019, RAF Fairford (United Kingdom)

The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) followed the French Air Force, Turkish Air Force, Royal Malaysian Air Force and Royal Air Force (RAF) in inducting the Airbus A400M four-turboprop transport into operational service. Its first A400M unit is Lufttransportgeschwader 62 (Air Transport Wing 62) at Wunstorf near Hannover, which is the unit sending an example to RIAT 2019. Training activities are going on there as the fleet builds, Germany having ordered 53 A400Ms for tactical and logistics transport duties. All the operational examples will be concentrated at Wunstorf.
The new airlifter is replacing the Transall C-160D.

The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) is the world's largest military air show, held annually over the third weekend in July,
usually at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, England in support of The Royal Air Force Charitable Trust.
The show typically attracts a total of 150.000 to 160.000 spectators over the weekend.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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