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#5645 Postcard AU-664829 received from Australia

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This postcard (AU-664829) I received from Australia (Toogoom - Queensland) and was send by Melissa.
Postcard details: RSV Aurora Australis in the Southern Ocean (Pre-Paid - Australia Post), travelled about 15.969 km (9923 mi) in 18 days

RSV (Research Survey Vessel) Aurora Australis is an Australian icebreaker and research vessel. Launched in 1989, the RSV Aurora Australis was purpose built for the Australian Antarctic program by P&O Polar. The ship was designed by Wartsila Marine Industries of Finland and built at the Carrington Slipways in Newcastle. The Aurora Australis is the main lifeline to Australia's Antarctic and sub-Antarctic research stations, and the central platform of our Antarctic and Southern Ocean scientific research. The ship is named for the southern lights that can be seen in Antarctica and Tasmania. An aurora is caused when solar winds in the upper atmosphere and the Earth's magnetic field interact together, resulting in rainbow colours in the night sky. In the southern hemisphere, it is called the aurora australis. With its bright orange colour, the ship is affectionately called the 'Orange Roughy' by expeditioners. Although still on charter to the Australian Antarctic Division, the Aurora Australis is due to be replaced in 2020 by a custom-built new icebreaker with an ultra-modern platform to conduct science and resupply Australia's Antarctic and sub-Antarctic stations.

In philately a maximum card (also known as a maxi-card, or maxicard) is a postcard with a postage stamp placed on the picture side of the card where the stamp and card match or are in concordance. The cancellation is usually related to the image on the front of the card and the stamp.

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