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#5566 Postcard US-5986702 received from the United States of America

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This postcard (US-5986702) I received from the United States of America (Portland - Maine) and was send by Kathleen.
Postcard details: West Quoddy Light (Maine Scenics), travelled about 5407 km (3360 mi) in 7 days

West Quoddy Light "The eastern most light in the U.S.A." - Lubec, Maine

West Quoddy Head, in Quoddy Head State Park, Lubec, Maine, is the easternmost point of the contiguous United States. Since 1808, there has been a lighthouse there to guide ships through the Quoddy Narrows. The current one, with distinctive red-and-white stripes, was built in 1858, and is an active aid to navigation. Photographs and paintings of this lighthouse are frequently reproduced. The 3rd order Fresnel lens is the only 3rd order and one of only eight Fresnel lenses still in use on the Maine Coast. The light station was added to the National Register of Historic Places
as West Quoddy Head Light Station on 4 July 1980.

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