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#5304 Postcard TW-2527615 received from Taiwan

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This postcard (TW-2527615) I received from Taiwan (Changhua City) and was send by Gary.
Postcard details: Fort San Domingo (Osima), travelled about 9486 km (5894 mi) in 123 days

Fort San Domingo is a historic fortress in Tamsui District, New Taipei, Taiwan. It was originally a wooden fort built in 1628 by the Spanish Empire, who named it "Fort San Domingo". However the fort was then destroyed by the Spanish, after losing a battle to the Dutch Empire in 1642. After the battle, in 1644, the Dutch rebuilt a fort in the original site, and renamed it "Fort Antonio". Since the Dutch were called "Red-Haired People" by the Han immigrants during the time, the fort was then nicknamed "Fort Red Hair". In 1724, the Qing government repaired the fort, and built a perimeter wall with four gates. From 1868 onwards the fort was leased to the British government as its consulate, and a new two-storied building was built nearby as the consul's residence. The fort was briefly occupied by the Japanese Government during the time of the Pacific War, but was returned to British control after the war. After the war, though official diplomatic relation between Republic of China (Taiwan) and the United Kingdom had been terminated in 1950, the site had been continuously used as an unofficial British embassy until 1972. Afterwards the fort was temporarily managed by Australia and the United States of America, before the fort was returned to the government of Republic of China (Taiwan) in 1980. Since then, the fort has been a National Historical Site, open to tourists and archaeologists alike.

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Friday 18 May 2018
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