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#3333 Belgian Land Component - Iveco LMV (90481)

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Iveco LMV or Light Multirole Vehicle (90481) from the Belgian Land Component at the KeeBee Spottersday, Kleine-Brogel (Belgium)

The Iveco LMV or Light Multirole Vehicle is an innovative tactical vehicle, developed to reduce threat posed by improvised explosive devices
and landmines. It was developed as a private venture. The LMV is in service with Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Norway, Spain and
the United Kingdom. The LMV is called VTLM Lince by the Italian military and Panther CLV in the United Kingdom. Modular protection of the Iveco LMV can be adjusted to suit mission requirements. Vehicle uses modular armor packs and has a collapsible V-shaped floor, which deflects mine blasts. Seats are attached to a roll-bar rather than floor. The Iveco LMV is more survivable than conventional light utility vehicles and trucks.
The vehicle is powered by the Iveco F1D turbocharged diesel engine, developing 190 horsepower.
The Iveco LMV is fitted with run-flat tyres and self-recovery winch.

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