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#2739 Pied Avocet - Rotterdam Zoo (Holland)

20080823-071 Pied Avocet - Rotterdam Zoo (Holland).jpg Thumbnails#2738 Pied Avocet - Rotterdam Zoo (Holland)

Pied Avocet at Diergaarde Blijdorp, Rotterdam (Holland)

The Pied Avocet is a large black and white wader in the avocet and stilt family, Recurvirostridae. They breed in temperate Europe and western and Central Asia. It is a migratory species and most winter in Africa or southern Asia. Some remain to winter in the mildest parts of their range,
for example in southern Spain and southern England. While the name may refer to black and white outfits once worn by European advocates or lawyers, the actual etymology is unknown. Other common names include Black-capped Avocet, Eurasian Avocet or just Avocet.