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#222 Royal Netherlands Air Force - Boeing CH-47D Chinook (D-104)

20040618-48 Royal Netherlands Air Force - Boeing CH-47D Chinook (D-104) Volkel NL.jpg #223 Royal Netherlands Air Force - Boeing CH-47D Chinook (D-104)Thumbnails

Boeing CH-47D Chinook (D-104) from the Royal Netherlands Air Force at the Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days 2004, Volkel (the Netherlands)

The RNLAF Chinook CH-47D transport helicopters are used to move ground troops quickly. They also transport weapons, materiel, food and other supplies. Loading and unloading is done quickly through the loading ramp at the rear of the aircraft. Larger cargoes are carried by hooks slung under the helicopter (as seen on this photo).

This Boeing CH-47D Chinook D-104 was lost on 31 October 2005 while carrying personnel and equipment from Mazar-e-Sharif to Kandahar airfield (Afghanistan). During the flight, its captain decided to change the route, shortening the sortie time by 30-45min, but requiring the aircraft to fly along a dead-end valley before rising over a high mountain ridge (22nm NW of Bagram AB at the Hindukush Mountains). However, the required angle of climb exceeded the Chinook's capabilities, forcing the crew to perform a 180° turn, in the course of which they lost control of the aircraft.
It subsequently crashed, injuring one person. All valuable parts were stripped from the heavily damaged aircraft before it was destroyed.

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