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#1770 Dresden Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) - Dresden (Germany)

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Dresden Hbf or "Hauptbahnhof" (Main Train Station) is one of two main inter-city transport hubs in the German city of Dresden.
Designed by the German architects Ernst Giese and Paul Weidner, it was built between 1892 and 1897 at the southern border of the inner city and was important in the growth and development of the city. Dresden Hauptbahnhof has 18 tracks. Eleven carry traffic through the station whilst the remaining seven, all from the west and located in the middle of the station, are terminal tracks. The station is divided into three halls,
the central one of which is the biggest and covers the terminating tracks.

The station was damaged by the bombing of Dresden starting in February 1945. This was limited in extent until a specific attack in April 1945.
The station was repaired after the war. It had suffered significant damage to the train sheds and the glazing that had previously covered the train sheds was replaced by timber. In the postwar era, Dresden Hauptbahnhof became one of the important railway stations in East Germany. However, the legacy of wartime damage subsequently compounded by poor maintenance saw the structure deteriorate to the point where remedial conservation was required. Assessments of the structure during its 1997-2006 refurbishment project further revealed that the steel arches of the train shed had even been distorted out of alignment by wartime damage. It was also discovered that the structure had been damaged by corrosion since the war, rendering it unsuitable to carry the weight of a glazed roof and leading architects to use lightweight fabric instead. During the floods in August 2002, the station hall was badly damaged by flooding from the river Weißeritz. The entrance hall and the lower platforms were flooded up to one metre by muddy water from the left tributary of the river Elbe coming from the Ore Mountains. Major damage to several tracks around Dresden closed the station for a month. The main reconstruction project was only temporarily interrupted.

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