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#5574 Postcard JP-1249909 received from Japan

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This postcard (JP-1249909) I received from Japan (Yokosuka) and was send by Nana.
Postcard details: Moonlit Blossoms, travelled about 9323 km (5793 mi) in 12 days

Kaii Higashiyama - Moonlit Blossoms - 1968 - color on paper - 126,5 x 96,0 cm

Kaii Higashiyama (1908 – 1999), also known as Shinkichi Higashiyama 東山魁夷, was a Japanese writer and artist particularly renowned for his Nihonga style paintings. As one of the most popular artists in post-war Japan, Higashiyama was awarded the Japan Art Academy Prize in 1956 and the Order of Culture in 1969. Born in Yokohama and a graduate of the Tokyo Fine Arts School, Higashiyama studied in Germany before enduring a period of great hardship, including being drafted in the Pacific War. After the war, he pioneered a unique style of landscape painting and showed a multitude of highly lyrical masterpieces.

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