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#5503 Postcard NL-4334114 sent to the United States of America

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This postcard (NL-4334114) I sent to Philip in the United States of America (Norfolk - Virginia).
Postcard details: Zaanstad (Dutch Cities - Leuke Post), travelling about 6290 km (3908 mi) in 17 days

Zaanstad is a Dutch municipality in the province of North Holland, situated northwest of Amsterdam. Its main city is Zaandam. It is part of the conurbation and metropolitan area of Amsterdam. It had a population of 155.141 in 2018. The municipality of Zaanstad is also mainly a conurbation itself and consists of the following cities, villages: Assendelft, Koog aan de Zaan, Krommenie, Westzaan, Wormerveer, Zaandam, Zaandijk. However, being surrounded by countryside and due to its relatively protracted shape that follows the river Zaan, a rural atmosphere is always nearby.

The "Zaanse Schans" is a neighbourhood of Zaandam, near Zaandijk in the Netherlands.
It has a collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses.

Same card I also sent to Eric in Taiwan (Tianwei - Changhua County) and travelled about 9486 km (5894 mi) in 22 days

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