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#5423 Spotted Wobbegong - Antwerp Zoo (Belgium)

20181207-19 Spotted Wobbegong - Antwerp Zoo (Belgium).jpg #5424 Blacktip Reef Shark - Antwerp Zoo (Belgium)Thumbnails#5422 Blacktip Reef Shark - Antwerp Zoo (Belgium)

Spotted Wobbegong at Antwerp Zoo, also known as Zoo Antwerpen or Zoo d'Anvers (Belgium)

The Spotted Wobbegong is a carpet shark in the family Orectolobidae, found in the eastern Indian Ocean from Western Australia to southern Queensland. Spotted Wobbegongs have flat bodies with a dark coloured back and light circular markings that obscure their darker saddles along their back. They have nasal barbels that hang from their nostrils to taste and feel. They can become attached to their habitats, and sometimes can also be found in shallow waters barely enough to cover them. They are nocturnal creatures that are sluggish during the day, but at night they hunt for prey such as: crabs, lobsters, octopuses and bony fish. Similar to many animals, Spotted Wobbegongs will bite if they are antagonized, stepped on or if a person's feet is near their mouth. Not only that, they seem reluctant to release their victims. The name "Wobbegong" is Australian aboriginal in origin, but its exact meaning is unknown. It is speculated that it may mean "living rock".

Matthijs van Wageningen
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