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#5400 Postcard NL-4255231 sent to the United States of America

NL-4255231 front.jpg #5401 Postcard NL-4248214 sent to JapanThumbnails#5399 Postcard NL-4231932 sent to Germany

This postcard (NL-4255231) I sent to Heather in the United States of America (Tucson - Arizona).
Postcard details: Asian Elephant (Fotokaarten), travelled about 8732 km (5426 mi) in 10 days

This Postcard is one of my own creations and can be found here -> Asian Elephant at the Artis Royal Zoo, Amsterdam (Holland)

Same card I also sent to Maj-Britt in Sweden (Borås - Västergötland) and travelled about 780 km (485 mi) in 4 days
Same card I also sent to Elisabeth in Germany (Neuss - near Düsseldorf) and travelled about 189 km (117 mi) in 2 days
Same card I also sent to Lisa in Germany (Ansbach - near Nürnberg) and travelled about 535 km (332 mi) in 8 days

Matthijs van Wageningen
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