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#5356 Postcard DE-7621986 received from Germany

DE-7621986 front.jpg #5357 Postcard SE-155312 received from SwedenThumbnails#5355 Ukrainian Air Force - Sukhoi Su-27P Flanker (58 Blue)

This postcard (DE-7621986) I received from Germany (Bad Nauheim - near Frankfurt am Main) and was send by Friedhelm.
Postcard details: Hessische Staatsgrenze - Border to Hesse (Schöning Verlag), travelled about 357 km (222 mi) in 4 days

Hesse or Hessia, officially the State of Hesse (Land Hessen), is a federal state (Land) of the Federal Republic of Germany,
with just over six million inhabitants. The state capital is Wiesbaden; the largest city is Frankfurt am Main.

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