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#5332 Copperband Butterflyfish - Artis Royal Zoo Amsterdam (Holland)

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Copperband Butterflyfish at the Artis Royal Zoo (also known as Natura Artis Magistra), Amsterdam (Holland)

The Copperband Butterflyfish (also known as the Beaked Butterflyfish, Beaked Coralfish, or Orange Stripe Butterfly) is found in reefs in both the Pacific and Indian Oceans. These fish are easily identified by the yellow banding and long snout. The young fish are similar in appearance to adult fish. Butterflyfish grow up to 20 centimetres (8 inches) in length. The fish appears taller than its length because of its compressed, deep-bodied form with a long dorsal and posterior fins as well as its vertical yellow stripes on a white background. The snout is long and slender, and the dark eye of the fish is less conspicuous than the dark eye-spot on the dorsal fin. The base of the tail features a dark band that runs perpendicular to the tail.

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