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#5278 Postcard FR-1064530 received from France

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This postcard (FR-1064530) I received from France (Brest - Brittany) and was send by Inès.
Postcard details: Brest - Cité Maritime (Éditions d'Art Jack), travelled about 797 km (495 mi) in 7 days

The bridge "Recouvrance" and the Tanguy tower, Brest, Brittany, France.

Brest lies in the outermost west of Brittany. It has been an important naval base, the base of the French Atlantic fleet and also an important trading port for centuries. Besides a number of industry companies there are also important trading companies, universities and research institutes. After the Romans, many Brits who gave the country its name, immigrated to Brittany. The first small fort was built for the protection against the Normans. In 1683, Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban extended the fort into a fortress. Brest was an important supply port for the U.S. troops in the 1st World War. In the 2nd World War, the city was one of the most important bases in the Atlantic Wall. The city was heavily damaged by bombings and had to be rebuilt according to plans of Jean-Baptiste Mathon. Oceanography makes an important contribution to the economic recovery. Unfortunately, we had permanent rain during our stay. At our departure the sky shows its rays of sunshine again. However, it suffice for a stroll through the town to see the most important points. Our starting point is the military harbor, which is spanned by the Pont de la Recouvrance. It is the second largest vertical lift bridge in Europe, after the Pont Gustave Flaubert in Rouen. Two pontoon bridges next to it alleviate traffic. Right next we find the Chateau, the old fort, which now houses the Musée national de la Marine.

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