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#4997 Red-faced Spider Monkey - Artis Royal Zoo Amsterdam (Holland)

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Red-faced Spider Monkey at the Artis Royal Zoo (also known as Natura Artis Magistra), Amsterdam (Holland)
Notice the young in the mothers arms, "it" (sex not yet known) was born on 13 March 2018

Red-faced Spider Monkey, also known as the Guiana Spider Monkey or Red-faced Black Spider Monkey, is a species of spider monkey found in the rain forests in northern South America. The Red-faced Spider Monkey has long, black hair and a red or pink face that is bare except for a few short, white hairs. Infants are born with dark faces, which lighten as they age. They are highly acrobatic and have very flexible shoulder joints. They also have really long arms, and no thumbs. However, like other monkeys in South America, their tail is very strong and they can grip branches just like an extra hand. This makes them agile when moving through the rainforest canopy.

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