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#4338 Postcard RU-5998773 received from Russia

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This postcard (RU-5998773) I received from Russia (Kostroma) and was send by Алексей (Alex).
Postcard details: Kostroma - Fire Observation Tower (1823-1827), travelled about 2343 km (1456 mi) in 9 days

Having been founded in 1152, the city of Kostroma is almost the same age as Moscow (the year of its foundation is 1147).
The fire observation tower was regularly serving the citizens for 180 years and "retired" only in 2005 and is now a museum of firefighting.
Its exposition tells about the history of fighting fires in the city on the Volga. Kostroma fire observation tower is a part of the architectural ensemble of the Susaninskaya Square, as well as the highest point of the city. The unique building is under the protection of UNESCO.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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