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#4217 Postcard NL-3828441 sent to Russia

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This postcard (NL-3828441) I sent to Max in Russia (Nakhodka - near Vladivostok).
Postcard details: Noord-Holland (Uitgeverij van der Meulen), travelled about 8310 km (5164 mi) in 38 days

North Holland (Noord-Holland) is a province in the northwest of the Netherlands. It is situated on the North Sea, north of South Holland and Utrecht, and west of Friesland and Flevoland. From the 9th to the 16th century, the area was an integral part of the County of Holland. During this period West Friesland was incorporated. In the 17th and 18th century, the area was part of the province of Holland. At that time, the distinction between the Noorderkwartier (Northern Quarter) and the Zuiderkwartier (Southern Quarter) became common. In 1840, the province of Holland was split into the two provinces of North Holland and South Holland. In 1855, the Haarlemmermeer was drained and turned into land. The capital and seat of the provincial government is Haarlem, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands' capital city, is the province's largest city. There are 51 municipalities and three (parts of) water boards in the province.

Matthijs van Wageningen
Created on
Sunday 11 June 2017
Events / Postcrossing
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