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#3536 Red Fox - Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes (Holland)

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Red Fox at the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes or The Splendid Dunes (Holland)

The "Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen" (AWD) or the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes, better known in English as The Splendid Dunes,
is one of the largest dune areas in the Netherlands; a large part is used for the collection of drinking water for Amsterdam. It has a considerable landscape variety (from open sand to woodland) and a rich flora and fauna. These dunes supply drinking water for the city of Amsterdam. More than 50 million cubic meters of drinking water flow through the dunes, which encompass 3400 hectares. This is the oldest water extraction site in the Netherlands and has been in use since 1853. The area is open to the public for hiking, including off the paths; therefore, this area is a unique opportunity for nature lovers to explore this typical Dutch landscape.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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