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Let L-13 Blanik (glider) formation at the Czech International Air Fest 2005, Brno-Tuřany (Czech Republic)

The Let L-13 Blaník is a two seater trainer glider produced by Let Kunovice since 1956. It is the most numerous and widely used glider in the world. In United States Air Force Academy service, it is designated TG-10C and is used for basic flight training. The L-13 was developed as a practical glider suitable for basic flight instruction, aerobatic instruction and cross-country training. This design concept was combined with true and tested technology: metal construction, NACA laminar profiles and many standard-issue components of the Soviet aerospace industry. The L-13 Blaník entered production in 1958 and quickly gained popularity as an inexpensive, rugged and durable type, which was easy to fly and operate.
It was widely adopted in the Soviet bloc and was exported in large numbers to Western Europe and North America.
Total production was in excess of 2650, or more than 3000 if variants are included.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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