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#1373 Dutch Coastguard Patrol Vessel "Zeearend" (Sail Amsterdam 2010)

20100819-45 Dutch Coastguard Patrol Vessel Zeearend (Sail Amsterdam) NL.jpg #1374 People watching the Sail In parade (Sail Amsterdam 2010)Thumbnails#1372 Dutch Customs Patrol Vessel "Stormmeeuw" (Sail Amsterdam 2010)

Dutch Coastguard Patrol Vessel "Zeearend" at the Sail In parade from IJmuiden to Amsterdam (North Sea Canal), Sail Amsterdam 2010 (Holland)

This Damen Stan type 4207 Patrol Vessel was build by Damen Shipyards in the Netherlands and commissioned in 2002,
originally for the Dutch Customs (Nederlandse Douane) but now operated by the Dutch Coastguard (Nederlandse Kustwacht).
Zeearend is the Dutch name for the white-tailed eagle.

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